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Purchase tickets

To purchase tickets you have to create an account. To create an account is easy. There are two alternatives of how you can do this:

1) Go to My Account on ticketmaster.se, choose “Create Account" and fill in your information.

2) Create an account in the purchase flow when you are booking tickets.

You can only have one account for each email address. This means for example that one family can´t register differently names and use the same account.

Have you forgotten your password you can easily send for a new one, just choose “My Account” and then “Forgot password”. If you still have problem please contact us.



Login with your email address and your password.


Search for tickets

You can only search for tickets in one tab in your browser, otherwise the other tab will show results from the recent search, regardless of what tab the search was made in. The recent search is always the basis for your booking. Apart from in which tab you choose to complete the purchase, you will receive seats which were presented in the completed search.

Ticketmaster.se is optimized to use in one browser and tab. If you use parallel browsers or tabs the functionality can be affected, because temporary event data is saved to a simplified buying process.


Your booking

Your booking is saved below  ”My Account”. Here you can see if the purchase has been successful and if your tickets have been sent. You also get a confirmation of your purchase to your email address. If you have got a PIN-code you can see this saved on “My Account” below the title “Bookings”, choose the reservation number to see all information about your booking.


Cancel tickets

You can only cancel reserved tickets, e.g tickets with no payment. Choose “My Account, and then  ”Bookings” and the reservation number and cancel the reservation. If you haven´t collected your tickets in time, they will be cancelled automatically.


Reservations stop

If you are trying to do a reservation on the day of the event and it doesn´t work, the promotor may have stopped the sales on ticketmaster.se. You can then only buy tickets at the venue.



Distansavtalslagen does not apply to purchase of event tickets. You can´t regret your purchase or change to another ticket when the purchase has been made.


Group booking

Please contact the venue and see if they provide group booking.

Priority seatings

Contact us: +46 77-170 70 70 for help

If you cannot purchase ticket to an event

Contact the venue or our Ticketmaster Contact Center, +46 77-170 70 70.

Service charge
Ticket price   Service charge

<100 kr             10kr

100-199 kr         20 kr

200-299 kr         25 kr

300-399 kr         30 kr

400-499 kr         35 kr

500-599 kr         40 kr

600 kr och >      45 kr




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