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TicketFast has been replaced by eTicket. If you already bought a TicketFast e-ticket then you can use it on the event you bought the ticket for, you can´t however buy new TicketFast e-tickets anymore.

Read more information about eTicket here.

eTicket, the easiest way to get your tickets! 

If you choose eTicket the tickets are sent directly to your e-mail, then you print them yourself or download the tickets to your mobile phone from My Account. It´s the easiest and fastest way to get the tickets you have ordered.

Hardware or software requirements
Printer - any ink-jet or laser printer (colour or black & white) with a resolution of 300 dpi or more is able to print eTickets. Use A4 plain white paper for best result. (If you are unsure of your printer`s resolution/dpi, check the printer manual.) You also need Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or higher.

The whole A4 paper is your ticket that you need to show at the entrance to the event. Mobile phone – you have to have a smartphone to be able to download and use the eTicket on it. 

Book and print eTickets
1. Choose eTicket as delivery option and purchase your tickets.

2. You will receive two separate e-mails, a reservation confirmation and an e-mail with your tickets attached as a PDF file. 
    Please notice, the confirmation is not valid as a ticket.

3. Print the ticket!

The ticket is also available on My Account and View Orders if you lost it and want to download and print it again.  

Book and save eTickets on your mobile phone
1. Choose eTicket as delivery option and purchase your tickets.

2. Go to My Account and View Orders with your mobile phone and click OPEN next to the tickets you want.

3. Save your tickets in an app like iBooks or Adobe Acrobat or take a screenshot of the ticket and save it in your phone’s gallery. 


Only the first scan of the barcode on your ticket will be allowed entry. If more than one copy were to arrive, the barcode scanner will alert the attendant that the ticket has already been scanned.

Avoid that the confirmation e-mail with the tickets are handled as spam

In order to avoid that the reservation confirmation e-mail and the PDF file with the eTicket being handled as spam by your mailprogram, add support@ticnet.se as a secure e-mail address in your mailprogram.

Alter your security settings

The following instructions are for Outlook Express.
In Outlook Express choose Tools then select Options and click on the Security tab.
In the Options window look for a statement that reads "Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus", unmark this option and click Apply.

If your eTickets are stolen please call our Contact Center +46 (0) 77-670 77 77.

If you haven´t found the answer to your question you can send us an e-mail. To send us an e-mail click on "ställ en fråga" up in the left corner. You can also call our Contact Center +46 (0) 77-670 77 77.






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